It’s cold!! We’ve woken up to frost for the past week and I’m not sure I like it! It was great when all the leaves were changing and the sun was shining… and then the leaves were all on the ground along with the frost. What the heck?! But life must go on (with hats and gloves), so we’re trying to make the best of it. 

Bonnie made our first showing at a Holiday Bazaar, giving the retail thing a try. It was small and we didn’t sell much, but it was a wonderful first step in getting out into the community. The items included small mixed bouquets, large grosso bouquets, field bunches and sachets. And because Bonnie can’t ever sit and do nothing, she also made and sold a wreath while she was there!

Our other fall activity around here is trimming up our mature lavender plants. I wasn’t convinced that was necessary (despite that’s what every lavender farm does) until I saw what they looked like after the trim. Wow! They look so neat and tidy. This prepares them to grow neat and tidy in the spring and keeps them happy (according to the lavender plants). So with our cordless trimmer in hand, we carry on to cut 3000 plants. It’s a good thing Zion and Bruce have strong backs!

So with fires burning and hot chocolate streaming, we are looking forward to this season of planning and evaluating. We are envisioning what B & B Family Farm will become over the next year and feeling excited!

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