This month marks our one year anniversary of B & B Family Farm. Bruce and Bonnie arrived at Angel Farm in December of 2013 with big dreams and absolutely no knowledge of lavender. Kristy and Zion joined them in mid-January of 2014 still tan and warm from Sunny San Diego, also with zero lavender knowledge. In fact, I didn’t even know what a lavender plant looked like! However, thanks to Cathy and Leon Angel and some serious research, the transition has been smooth. We now have one year under our belt, and man o man, it’s a BIG belt! We couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity and the life we have created here on the Olympic Peninsula.

I think most people have the perception that life must be perfect on a lavender farm… and it’s definitely good, don’t get me wrong! But, have you ever lived, worked and played with your family? All the time? Everyday? For a year? Whoa!! I love my family and didn’t enter this adventure under any false pretenses. I knew what we were getting into, but had no idea the challenges that would arise. From eating to sleeping to exercising to working habits, we are DIFFERENT! But a ‘good different’ (as Anna would say – all Frozen, all the time around here). It has been interesting to say the least, to figure out how to make all these things jive into acceptable situations for everybody. After the first 2 months I definitely didn’t feel this way and there was NO jiving, but we have all grown and learned and accepted each others’ quirks. And we are better for it, I have no doubt. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I’m pretty sure the rest of the family would agree… 

From tractor rides, to aching muscles, to adventure hikes, and intense lavender harvesting, this year has been full of amazing memories! To be clear, not all of them are good but we are good! And we are grateful! We realize that we have a very special and unique path in life and do not take it for granted. There is just something awesome about walking out your back door in galoshes and gloves to go 100 yards to work… even if it is pouring rain and still dark outside (sunrise was at 8:01 this morning!). And sharing this life with family is the cherry on top (although sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes mushy). It just doesn’t get any better than sharing holidays, childcare, colds, camping sites and Costco shopping trips with the farm! We love lavender and we love the Olympic Peninsula, but we really, really love our family!

So here’s to one year of achievements, adventures, arguments, adapting, accepting and appreciation! Can’t wait to see what the next year will bring! 

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