B&B Family Farm

Oil Varieties

Lavender oil varieties we distill on our farm.  


Grosso Lavender

Lavandula X Intermedia 

A hybrid of Lavandula angustifolia and L. latifolia. Referred to by the French as lavandins

Oil: This is one of the highest oil producers of all lavenders. The oil  has more camphor (the scent in Vick's vapor rub) than the angustifolia (English/sweet smelling) oil varieties. Some prefer this lavender oil because it is what many think of as the traditional lavender smell. It is not overpoweringly sweet but is a strong scent. Grosso blends well with citrus essential oils like lemon.  Grosso is a beautiful smelling oil and a great place to start. 

Royal Velvet

Royal Velvet Lavender

Lavandula Angustifolia

Oil: As a low producer of oil, it is often difficult to find, but this variety of oil is a standout. The scent is sweet and inviting. It is a classic English lavender smell with which you can't go wrong.


Folgate Lavender

Lavandula Angustifolia

Oil:  A more common angustifolia oil variety.  It produces well for an angustifolia and the scent is very calming with a very very slight hint of mint (Lavender is in the mint family). The scent is like other angustifolias in it's sweetness but differs with its hints of citrus and mint. Kristy's favorite lavender scent on our farm.


Lavandula Angustifolia

Oil: A fantastic smelling oil! It is sweet and has one of the highest contents of linalyl acetate, the key ingredient in the lavender scent. It is a favorite in the aromatherapy arena and is a favorite "therapeutic" variety. 


Lavandula Angustifolia

Oil: Like the hint of spice in the taste of this lavender there is a small hint of vanilla and spice in the scent of the oil as well.  The oil is a unique smell but very sweet and fragrant.  A favorite variety for its unique lavender scent and a favorite of ours!

Hidcote Pink

Copy of IMG_1028-1.jpg

Lavandula Angustifolia

Oil:  A good oil producer for an angustifolia. A rich, sweet smelling oil that is a favorite among perfumers and aromatherapy. The oil is high in linalyl acetate (the main ingredient in the lavender scent) and has a very sweet candy like scent.  One of Zion's (our distiller) favorite varieties.


Super Lavender.jpg

Lavandula X Intermedia 

Oil:  A fantastic smelling lavandin oil.  The sweetness of this oil is often confused for an angustifolia oil.  We love this oil because of its unique sweet scent and because it is a hybrid it produces a fair amount of oil.  A super plant is not much to look at, so this is a variety ripe for distillation.  

Ana Luisa


Lavandula X Chaytorae

A hybrid of Lavandula angustifolia and L. lanata. 

Oil: A scent similar to grosso but softer and more subtle.  The camphor is not as strong as is present in the lavindins.  A more masculine scent but still sweet hint of lemon/lime citrus.  An excellent choice to mix into aftershaves and lotions.