We get asked a lot, Is your lavender organic?  Here is our answer.

Does organic matter for lavender?  The short answer is no, here is why. We grow certified organic ginseng and golden-seal on our farm, so why is our lavender not certified organic?  The answer is really simplicity.  Once we explain how simple lavender is to grow, our customers clearly understand why we do not certify our lavender.  Lavender rarely gets sick, bugs don’t care for it much, deer hate it, and if it is planted in the right conditions, it does not need fertilizer.  In fact the only thing that can really kill lavender is too much water.  So when we purchased the Angel Lavender Farm from Cathy and Leon Angel and they explained their process to us we felt it was a no-brainer to follow in their footsteps and not certify our lavender as organic. We know organic certification is very important to many crops and we buy a great deal of organic produce for our home, but we want to make sure our lavender products are accessible to everyone and certifying our lavender would increase our costs and increase our price to you, our valued customer.  Our farm is open all summer and anyone is welcome to stop by you will not find pesticides or herbicides anywhere near our lavender.  We whole heartedly believe in the organic process and have organic crops, but we feel organic lavender is not necessary to provide the best lavender at the best prices to you.  

We have debated about this issue many times but we keep coming up with the same answer. We would not change our current farming practices if we decided to have our lavender be certified organic, the only thing that would change is a piece of paper and how we name our products.  We know our customers are sophisticated enough to know that with lavender, organic certification is not important.  We know everyone has worked hard for their money so we want to provide the absolute best deal to anyone who purchases a product at our store here on the farm or online.  We are confident in the high quality of our lavender and we  know you will be happy with any lavender products your receive from our farm.  Our family stands behind everything we do.

Plus we wouldn’t let our little Wonder Woman run around in our fields if they were sprayed with nasty pesticides or herbicides.