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We feel so fortunate that our family is working together here in beautiful Sequim, Washington owning and operating our lovely lavender farm.  Bruce and Bonnie spent some time up here living aboard their boat and knew that they loved the area.  They returned following their oldest daughter, Amy Miller, and her family who moved to Port Angeles in 2012. Once they were here, Bruce and Bonnie searched for a way to entice Kristy and Zion away from San Diego so the whole family could live in the same place for the very first time. Well, Angel Lavender Farm (Now B&B Family Lavender Farm) was the ticket!  Sharing a love for nature, adventure and family, we are now fortunate to have our entire crew on the Olympic Peninsula.  We are grateful to be a part of Sequim and the local lavender community. 

The Farmers







Sawyer is the newest addition to B&B Family Farm.  Born October of 2015 he is bringing  smiles to the family and visitors alike! Despite his papa’s best attempts he has not driven the tractor.  

Harper started her farming career at two and is now a self proclaimed big girl  rolling in to her sixth year of life.  She has taken well to the farming life (as you can see) and is the sunshine that helps our farm and family continue to grow!  She is thrilled to be walking distance to her Ba and Papa here on the farm.  She also can not get enough of her cousins who she plays with weekly.  She is one of the few things on our farm that brings more joy than the lavender. 

Kristy is our interior designer turned exterior designer.  With a background in art education she continually adds to our growing list of future plans and makes sure everything looks just right.  She grew up in Colorado and taught high school art until she moved to San Diego to pursue her Master’s degree in interior design. Kristy and Zion enjoy brainstorming about future plans for the farm.  She loves caring for her children and is constantly working on our social media, websites, blog, and our shoppe.  She is our optimist and makes sure we never forget how lucky we are.  

Zion is our enthusiastic Master Gardener, he has attended many classes and workshops on sustainable farming.  Zion hails from southern California, and he brings a myriad of experiences from his past profession as an account executive in San Diego. When Zion and Kristy added Harper to their life, they wanted to get out of the city and live closer to family. When Bruce and Bonnie found the Angel lavender farm (now B&B Family Farm) for sale,  they asked Kristy and Zion if they would like to partner and be lavender farmers.  Kristy and Zion jumped in with both feet.  

Bonnie is the matriarch of the family, with the biggest heart of anybody we know!  After earning her degree in wildlife management at Colorado State University (where she met Bruce).  She went on to raise two daughters, complete her teaching certificate and teach kindergarten for twelve years.  She loves working in our gardens and caring for our lavender plants.  She has transferred her creativity and imagination to our farm and many of the products you see in our gift shoppe.  Her affection for people and general love of life makes her a joy to be around.  She works hard without asking for much in return. 

Bruce never sleeps. Whether he is sitting on the tractor or at his computer in his lounge chair working on our accounting, he is always working.  He is always eager to help with a project or try to fix anything here on our lavender farm.  Bruce earned his bachelor’s degree in wildlife management and also met Bonnie while attending Colorado State University.  He went on to earn his Master’s degree in public administration and held a 30 year career with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. He now has the tractor he always wanted and a beautiful lavender farm to go with it.  He is the driving force behind our success. 

What our Visitors are Saying

  • So fun to visit this lavender farm. It’s family run and they’re super friendly. The products in their little shop are excellent quality and range from products made from the lavender to local hand crafts.

  • Beautiful, fragrant little shop. Wonderful customer service. 🙂

  • The B & B’s and Zion treated us like royalty, and showed us their entire operation. What a wonderful place and family!

  • This is an amazing farm to visit. You need to check it out. The owners are friendly and the atmosphere is warm and open!

  • Excellent products. Loved learning all about lavender at this friendly family farm.

Our Visitors