B&B Sili Pint

You can take this B&B cup with you everywhere… unbreakable, ecofriendly, dishwasher/microwave/freezer-safe and really fun!




Our B&B Sili Pint Cup is a guest favorite!

You can take this B&B Sili Pint cup with you everywhere… unbreakable, eco-friendly, dishwasher/microwave/freezer-safe, and really fun!

Made by Silipint, these are the original silicone drinkware. They are slightly squishy but stable enough to hold your favorite drink. Useful for grown-ups and kids, we also carry a lid and straw package that can be purchased with the cup, for easy travel.

A lid is a great tool that has a closable sip spout and a sealed center area that can accept the silicone straw.  A great cup to hold your lavender lemonade! 

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Cup, Lid & Straw, Cup with Lid & Straw