The Art of Cooking with Lavender

Cooking with Lavender is a wonderful kitchen companion written by Nancy Baguette. It provides all kinds of delicious recipes along with beautiful photos.


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The Art of Cooking with Lavender is an excellent book to try lavender in both sweet and savory dishes!

Cooking with Lavender… as in you can eat lavender?! Yes! This cookbook, The Art of Cooking with Lavender, by Nancy Baguette provides all kinds of delicious recipes for cooking with lavender along with beautiful photos of food and lavender. Lavender is from the mint family and pairs nicely with many flavor combinations. It can truly be an art to create these enticing lavender recipes.

From savory to sweet, you’re sure to find a lavender something for everybody. How about a Sweet and Sour Lavender Sauce? Or Super-Fudgy Raspberry Lavender Brownies? You really can’t go wrong with Nancy’s extraordinary recipes. And the beautiful photos of the food and the lavender will give you plenty of inspiration (including the one of lavender hanging at B&B Family Farm!) This makes a wonderful gift along with some B&B Angustifolia lavender bud (which you will need for all the recipes)


Nancy is a great guide to help you learn how to cook with lavender!

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