Lavender Sachets

A lavender sachet is a perfect way to bring the joy and benefits of lavender into many places in your life. Some of our personal favorites are drawers, shoes, and cars. They also work well in closets, pillows, and pockets. All of our lavender sachet choices are made with Grosso lavender buds that were grown, dried and processed at B&B Family Farm without the use of any chemicals.




Lavender Sachets

are an excellent way to add that fresh lavender smell to sock drawers, gym bags, or the inside of your car.

The Mini Sachet

is about half the size of the small sachet, and for $2 how can you go wrong?

Now available in a set of 8!

The Small Sachet

is your standard-sized sachet perfect for stuffing in a variety of places.  These sachets are an inexpensive way to bring lavender into your life every day.

The Large Sachet

Is a B&B Family Farm branded muslin bag that holds quite a bit more lavender than the small sachet.  This sized sachet can be used in a similar way to the small sachet but is not as useful for travel due to its size.  This is best for your sock and underwear drawer.

 Sachet kit

Is a fun way to stuff 5 sachets on your own.  You will receive 5 bags and enough lavender to make 5 small-sized sachets.

Lavender sachets will last for a long time! and the smell of lavender can be beneficial.  So stock up and enjoy that lavender smell for years to come

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in

Kit, small, large, mini, mini set of 8