The 5 Best Lavender Sleep Products

Lavender Sleep Product #1 - Lavender Essential Oils in Diffusers

Use lavender essential oils in a room diffuser before you go to bed.  The scent of lavender is effective in helping people fall asleep, relax, and reduce anxiety.  Smelling lavender is much more pleasant than counting sheep. 

So put a room diffuser by your bed (You can find them for about $15 to $20 on Amazon) add water and a few drops of your favorite lavender oil and let lavender fields of Sequim lead you to a better night’s sleep.

Pro Tip #1: Use lavender from a trusted source. Lavender oil is expensive to produce.  Thus, many sellers of lavender oils will dilute their oil with carrier oils,  or use fragrance oils (synthetic oils) in their lavender.  

Pro Tip #2 All lavender oils should say the species on the label.  The most common lavender essential oil is Lavandula Angustifolia.  Lavender oil from the species Lavandula X Intermedia is often referred to as Lavandin essential oil.  There is no species called Lavandula officinalis.

Pro Tip #3 Use true lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) for relaxation avoid lavandin oils.  Other types of lavender (like lavandin) are high in camphor.  Camphor is shown to be invigorating.

While lavandin lavenders can still be effective we recommend our Angustifolia Lavender Oils.  Our Angustifolia Lavender Essential Oil varieties are Melissa, Royal Velvet, Royal Purple, Folgate, and Maillette. 

Lavender Oil Difuser
Body Sock

Lavender Sleep Product # 2- Lavender Body Sock

Use our lavender body sock around tight muscles, sore joints, or anywhere you want on your body that needs a little extra care.  

Our body sock is filled with French (lavandin) lavender.  While we stated about to avoid lavandin for essential oils.  For dried lavender the lavandin lavenders are more pungent and more effective at releasing their lavender smell.  Thus, most lavender products with dried lavender will have lavandin lavender. 

Lavandin lavender is still high in linalyl and linalool acetate, the scent that makes lavender smell the way it smells and is the cause for its relaxations properties. 

Pro Tip: Our lavender body sock can be heated in the microwave next to a cup of water (heat no more than 2 minutes).  The warm body sock feels amazing on those aches and pains that need a little extra love!


Lavender Sleep Product # 3- Lavender Sachets

Sachets are an inexpensive way to add a soft lavender scent anywhere!

Throw a lavender sachet under your pillow, in your pencil drawer at work, or next to your nightstand.  For $2 there is not a more cost-effective way to add the smell of lavender in your life!

Pro Tip: if you want to take your lavender relaxation to the next level, purchase angustifolia lavender buds and muslin or organza bags (easy to find on amazon or Michaels) and make your own sachets with true lavender.  

Most sachets, including our sachets, are made with lavandin lavender. 

How long do lavender sachets last?
Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender Sleep Product # 4-Eye Pillow or Sleep Mask

Our lavender sleep mask and our lavender eye pillow both serve similar functions.  Each product blocks out light and adds a wonderful lavender smell to your world. 

The sleep mask is great for travel while the eye pillow is great to warm in your microwave for 30 seconds and use as a warm lavender pillow on your eyes while you lay down.  Be sure to test the temperature on your hands and arms before placing it on your face.

Pro Tip: These lavender eye pillows can be warmed in the microwave with a cup of water (not to be heated for more than 2 minutes) or cooled in the freezer, before being placed on your head or over your eyes.


Lavender Sleep Product # 5- Lavender Sprays

Our lavender sprays are a great way to add a light lavender scent to your pillow, your gym bag, your clothes, or anywhere you want that pleasant lavender smell.

The Lovely Lavender Linen Spray with Gardenia uses Lavandula Angustifolia Essential Oils which are best used for relaxation.

Pro Tip: Use the linen spray for travel.  The small bottle is easy to carry with you to hotel rooms and guest bedrooms.  

Lavender Sprays

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