What to do on the Olympic Peninsula?-10 Fun Things to Do While Visiting The Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula is gorgeous and below are some of our favorite examples of its beauty.  

By. Zion Hilliker

1.  Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is a beautiful calm lake only a short drive from Port Angeles.  There are beautiful hikes around the lake and plenty of opportunities for boating and water sports.  Or just enjoy the views, sit back, and relax



2. The HOH Rainforest

The Hoh Rainforest is beautiful and is one of the only rainforest in North America.  It is worth the drive to visit this lush and beautiful piece of Washington.  You will not be dissapointed.



3. The Makah Museum At Neah Bay

Learn about the indigenous people of Neah Bay and their culture at the Makah Museum.  This museum is a true treat for those who visit.  You will leave with knowledge and a wonderful experience.  


4. The Sol Duc Valley and Sol Duc Hot Springs

The Sol Duc Hot Springs are a great way to be pampered by nature.  In addition the Sol Duc Valley is a beautiful place for sightseeing and hiking.  There is RV and tent camping locally along with the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort.   


5. Cape Flattery

Have you ever wanted to feel like you are at the edge of the world?  Cape Flattery will give you that feeling.  Once you are parked there is a short hike to the western most point in the lower 48 states.  You will be welcomed by the sound of crashing waves and spectacular views.  



6. La Push

Yup, that’s the name of this beautiful part of Washington. La Push is an excellent spot for Whale Watching in April and May and is filled with beautiful places to hike and roam.  A great destination for those with RV’s.  Cabin rentals are also reasonable.  Be sure to hike out to hole in the wall.  It is an easy and gorgeous beach hike.  A great place to see see anemones and other ocean creatures.  



7. Dolphin & Whale Watching

There are plenty of chances to see whales in the Spring time here in Washington.  La Push and around the Olympic National Park have excellent spots to see whales.  If you are here at the right time you will be amazed at how many whales you will see.  



8. Surfing

There are many excellent surfing spots on the Olympic Peninsula.  A full wet suit is required nearly year round.  However, the cold weather should not steer you from the excellent surf at La Push or Westport.  Both locations offer premier surfing.   


9. Climb Mt. Olympus

 Take a jaunt up Mt. Olympus the namesake for the Olympic National Park.  Of course come prepared with necessary climbing gear and permits, but enjoy the hike to the top!


10. Olympic National Park 

You can’t come to the Peninsula without a visit to the Olympic National Park. The diversity of ecosystems and range in elevation and precipitation make for stunning scenery and an experience not to be missed. The park is massive but a trip to the top of Hurricane Ridge takes about 30 minutes from Port Angeles.