B&B Family Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your farm certified organic?

We are not certified. However, we have grown certified organic crops on our farm (ginseng and goldenseal). We chose not to certify our lavender due to the simplicity of growing lavender. We feel our customers are sophisticated enough to see that lavender does not have any pests to be sprayed for and does not need fertilizer, in fact the only thing that can really kill lavender is too much water. Because of this we do not certify our lavender to keep our costs down and make our products more affordable.

What do I do with lavender Essential Oils? / What do I do with Essential Oils?

There are a large variety of uses but some of our favorites can be found here. Essential Oil Uses

Does your family really do everything on your farm?

Yes! With a couple of exceptions. We have two seasonal employees, Ashley, who works April - October and Alma. They are awesome! During our harvest we have a small window of time to cut the lavender when it is best for lavender bud and lavender bunches so for that we have a crew of about 10 who help us for a couple weekends. We do most of our tractor repair work, trimming our plants in the fall, and general housekeeping to make our farm look beautiful for you, our visitors.

Who makes your products for your store?

We do... Well I should say Kristy and Bonnie do. During our winter break from the fields Kristy and Bonnie tirelessly work to make all of our products. From sewing to mixing there is never a dull moment in our work room. We also have products in our store from friends of the farm that are worth checking out.

Can I visit your farm? When should I visit your farm?

Yes please visit us! After September we are closed until May. We strongly feel if you are in the area around mid-late June you should stop by. You will see some of the more beautiful varieties of lavender before lavender festival weekend. The angustifolia lavenders (english varieties) that have the deep and rich purples bloom the earliest and were on display the last 2 weeks of June in 2019. If you wait untill lavender weekend in Sequim for a visit you may only see the variety Grosso. Grosso is a beautiful variety but if you can come earlier you may get to see more. Because we can not control the weather this is all subject to change.

Are your essential oils pure, fresh, etc.?

YES! 100% Pure essential oils. Zion cuts the plants he wants to distill and distills the lavender within 24 hours of cutting. Unlike some of the big online retailers of lavender essential oils our lavender oils are 100% pure lavender essential oil and are not mixed with anything! All of our distilling is done in a copper alembic still. We use copper because copper binds with sulfur during the distilling process and removes sulfur from our oils. (Look at the periodic table of elements Copper and Sulfur really like each other and make copper sulfate/sulfite). This method of distilling allows us to sell our oil immediately providing you, our customer, the freshest lavender essential oils.

How big is your farm? How many lavender plants do you have? What varieties of lavender do you grow?

Our farm sits on 12 acres and we currently have about 14,000 plants at different stages of growth. This makes our farm the largest lavender farm in Sequim. We currently grow the following varieties in order of the ones we have the most of to the least. Grosso, Royal Velvet, Folgate, Royal Purple, Maillete, Melissa, Ana Luisa, Hidcote Pink, White Alba, Provence.

How awesome is it to live on a lavender farm?

Pretty darn amazing! Between the beautiful colors, scents, and our family. We feel really lucky! Life is awesome!