How do I use Essential Oils

So you purchased some great smelling essential oils, but the question quickly arises, how do I use my essential oils?  Do I need to run out and buy an oil diffuser?  Not necessarily.  There are a lot of great options that are simple and most are free.  Before we continue we have to give you all the warnings.  These are only ideas, be sure to test essential oils on a small area of your skin before you use them to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction.  If you have ANY negative reactions from using essential oils discontinue use immediately. If you use essential oils with ANY electronic devices be sure to supervise them closely. 

OK, now that is out of the way, here are some great ideas to answer your burning question, how do I use my lavender essential oils?  Or more simply, how do I use essential oils?

1. Put a Drop behind your ear or Both Ears.

Putting a drop of essential oil behind your ear or both ears is a nice alternative to perfumes and colognes.  Also the scent of certain essential oils like lavender have been known to relax and calm individuals.  This is a great way to smell great and relax your mind.

2.  Put a drop on your feet before you go to bed.

Place a drop of lavender, geranium, tangerine, lemon, or jasmine essential oils on your feet before you go to bed to help you relax before you start counting sheep.  As an alternative, you can place a drop on your pillow, however essential oils tends to brown or discolor fabrics, so place the oil directly on the pillow and not on the pillow case.  Be warned your pillow fabric may discolor a little.

3. Place a Drop on Your Light Bulb

This is a great alternative to an oil diffuser.  The heat from the light bulb will warm up the oil and spread the scent throughout the room.  If you put any drops of oil on your light bulbs watch them carefully.  While I have never seen a light bulb break from placing a couple drops of essential oils on it, you never know.  Use caution please.

4. Add a few drops to your bath

Want to give yourself a day at the spa but don’t have the time or money?  Place a few drops of lavender essential oils into a bubble bath to turn your bathroom into your own personal day spa.   The soothing smell of lavender will give you a chance to relax and clear your mind even if there is a list of things to do outside your bathroom door.

5. Oil Diffuser!  A low cost investment that you may never turn off!

For about $20 – $30 USD you can buy an oil diffuser that will spread the scent of your favorite essential oil throughout a room in your home. Many of these oil diffusers also have L.E.D. lights that change color which add to the ambiance of the room.  As an alternative you can add 4-5 drops to a cup of water and boil the water over low heat to add a pleasant scent to your kitchen.

6.  Eczema and dried/cracked skin

We are not medical experts, so we are not saying this is a miracle cure.  However, a quick google search will show how many people support this idea.  I have personally used lavender oil for dry skin on my fingers and it works great!  A lot use lavender essential oils to help with eczema to make it more comfortable and tolerable.

7.  Place a drop or two in each of your shoes

Suffer from stinky shoes?  Place a drop of lemon, geranium, or lavender essential oils in your shoes to naturally deodorize the scent your feet left behind.  

8.  Add a couple drops on the edge of your trash can

Do you have a wretched stench coming from the trash can under the sink?  Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil around your trash can to help overcome those nasty smells.  

9.  Insect / Bug repellent

Place drops of lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, or rosemary essential oils around your windows to help deter pesky flying insects.  Also if you are being eaten by bugs in the summer, try using the above noted essential oils as an insect repellent.

10. Deodorize your refrigerator

Place a couple drops of your favorite essential oil in the box of baking soda you keep in your refrigerator.  Food scents like citrus, rosemary, or lemongrass essential oils work best here.