How Long do Lavender Sachets Last?

1. How Long Do Lavender Sachets Last?

Lavender sachets will last for many years.  However, you will need to occasionally squeeze the sachet to release the oils that are held in the lavender buds.  Also, the more you are around the lavender scent the more “nose blind” you will become.  This means your brain will get use to the smell of lavender the more you are exposed to it.  For example, living on a lavender farm, like I do, I rarely can sm

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How long do lavender sachets last?

2. What is in a Lavender Sachet?

Most lavender sachets are filled with lavender from the species Lavandula x Intermedia (lavandin).  This type of lavender is a cross between Lavandula Angustifolia and Lavnadula Latifolia.   Angustifolia lavender is very sweet and Latifolia lavender is quite pungent and strong.  This is not always the case but most sachets have this type of lavender because it is stronger smelling than Lavandula Angustifolia and sweeter smelling than Lavandula Latifolia.  There are about 30 different types of lavandins.  Most of the time your will find varieties like Grosso, Provence, and Super in most sachets.  You can read more about our lavender varities here,


3. How do I make a sachet?

Lavender sachets are great to use in sock drawers, cars, under pillows. or anywhere you want a pleasant lavender smell.  Remember to squeeze your lavender sachet a few times every few days.  By squeezing the sachet you will release small amounts of the lavender essential oil from the dried lavender buds.  This lavender oil is what provides the soothing lavender scent.  

What are lavender sachets good for?
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4. How Long Do Lavender Sachets Last?

We have lavender sachets that still smell great that are almost a decade old now.   The key, as previously mentioned, is to give them a squeeze periodically.  Also, keep in mind, the more you smell lavender the more “nose blind” you will become.  This means if you smell lavender a lot, your brain will start to shut off that smell.  

5. How do I Make a Sachet?

Luckily sachets tend to be very inexpensive.  We sell our regural size sachet for $2 and we have min sachets in our gift shop for $1.  We also sell lavender sachet kits where you can stuff and make 5 of your own sachets.  If you need to make more sachets you can buy lavender buds and buy sachet bags online and make many sachets.  This is the most cost-effective option. 

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6. Conclussion

Lavender sachets are a great natural way to add a pleasant lavender smell to your world.  They are cheap and small so you can throw a sachet almost anywhere to freshen up even the stinkiest gym bags.  And if you find yourself asking how long do lavender sachets last?  Give your sachet a squeeze and it will freshen up your world.  

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