5 Easy Ways to use Lavender in your Wedding

1. Use dried lavender in your wedding as wedding toss

Dried lavender buds are a great alternative to rice as a wedding toss.  First, lavender smells great! Second, lavender does not hurt when it is thrown at you.  Lastly, and most importantly rice thrown at weddings that are later eaten by birds can cause some birds a great deal of pain and suffering.  Lavender seems like the better choice here!

Lavender Wedding Toss
Lavender in your wedding

2. Use dried lavender in your wedding as the center piece at your guest's tables

Dried lavender bunches can be used any time of year.  Thus, weddings in the early Spring, Fall, or Winter can still have beautiful flowers when fresh flower selections are limited.  Dried lavender bunches can come in light to dark purples or even whites.  

3. Use dried lavender in your wedding as sachets for wedding gifts

Sachets are an inexpensive way to add a soft lavender scent to any gift.  Tie a sachet to thank you notes or other wedding giveaways.  Get creative, you can even make your own muslin sachets with your wedding logo or names on the front using light colored muslin bags, a custom made stamp, and lavender buds. 

How long do lavender sachets last?
Grosso Lavender Bunch

4. Use lavender as an accent to your bridal bouquet

Depending on the time of year and wedding colors you can use dried or fresh lavender stems to accent the white of many bridal bouquets.  The small lavenders stems offer just enough accent of color to make any bridal bouquet pop!

5. Use laveder oils to create a pleasant aroma at your guest's tables

Weddings have the visuals, the tastes of awesome dinners, the sounds of great music, but often smell is never factored into to a wedding experience.  Use lavender essential oils at each table to add a soothing lavender smell to your guest’s experience.  

Lavender essential oil

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