1. Red Lion Hotel

The Red Lion Hotel is a mid level hotel that does the job.  It is near the water with a very short walk to the Olympic Discovery Trail and Hollywood beach.  In addition you are right near the heart of downtown Port Angeles.  A reasonable price and a pet friendly for your furry friends.  If you get an ocean front room you will have some amazing views!

2. The Olympic Lodge

Olympic Lodge, like Red Lion, is a quality establishment in Port Angeles with a different aesthetic. While Red Lion offers ocean views Olympic Lodge brings you the beauty of the surrounding Olympic Mountains and the Peninsula Golf Course.  The pricing is reasonable and the ammenities are fair.  A great all around place to stay. 


3. The Port Angeles Inn

The Port Angeles Inn is a good value place to stay.  It isn’t fancy but it is reasonable, clean, and in a great location near downtown Port Angeles.  Like the other hotels mentioned this one also offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.  

Port Angeles Inn