Top 10 Reasons to visit B&B Family Farm

#1 . The Views

Between the view to the south of the Olympic mountain range, our beautiful almost century year old barn, that old barn full of hanging lavender, and our neighbor’s gorgeous barn that has become iconic set behind our lavender,  there are many photo opportunities and reasons to visit B&B Family Farm.  In fact the people of Sequim voted our lavender set in front of our neighbor’s old barn as one of their favorites.  See the People’s Choice selections at our wonderful city’s website.  

#2. Being a part of the Family

  • So fun to visit this lavender farm. It’s family run and they’re super friendly. The products in their little shop are excellent quality and range from products made from the lavender to local hand crafts.

  • Beautiful, fragrant little shop. Wonderful customer service. 🙂

  • The B & B’s and Zion treated us like royalty, and showed us their entire operation. What a wonderful place and family!

  • This is an amazing farm to visit. You need to check it out. The owners are friendly and the atmosphere is warm and open!

  • Excellent products. Loved learning all about lavender at this friendly family farm.

You truly will feel like you are apart of the family when you visit our lavender farm.  Our family will most likely be out working with the lavender, running around with the kids, or a combination of the two when you stop by. We will be happy to show you what we are doing and give you a tour of our lavender farm and our almost century old barn where our lavender dries.  We love to share our lavender farm because it is exciting, unique, and a lot of fun. Above this text is feedback from just a few of our customers.

#3 Low key atmosphere

The lavender festival tends to be a party here on the peninsula.  While many enjoy the myriad of vendors, food, and music, our farm focuses on the sharing and learning side of lavender farming.  You may not be able to buy a beer and a hot dog on our farm, but you will get to see lavender hanging and drying in our almost century year old barn which is unique to our farm.  You will get to talk to us, the farmers, and see how we process orders, dry, clean, and distill, lavender on a daily basis, anytime you stop by, lavender weekend or not.  

#4 Room to Run

We are very busy during lavender festival like many of the farms here on the peninsula.  However we are conveniently located right on Old Olympic Highway which makes it easy to get in and out.  When you are here you will have 12 sprawling acres for you and your family to stretch their legs, you wont be shoulder to shoulder.

#5 The Shoppe !

We have a beautiful gift shoppe that is filled with handmade lavender products.  We have lotions, oils, lavender bunches, and a variety of other products made by local vendors that we think you will enjoy. Our gift shoppe was designed by Kristy and the plan was implemented by Bruce and Zion.  We re-purposed most of the interior design of our shoppe from a shed we had to tear down. You will be amazed by what our master interior designer Kristy did to this old chicken coop, plus it smells fantastic from all of the lavender products.

#6 The Barns

Between our neighbors beautiful old barn across Old Olympic Highway, and our almost century old barn filled with joy and lavender, the barns are worth the visit alone.  You will have opportunities to take Sequim’s most famous lavender shot of our lavender in front of our neighbors gorgeous barn and the Olympic mountains.  You will get to come inside our almost 100 year old barn and see rows and rows of lavender drying. Our famous “Jitter Bud”  will most likely be chugging along sorting our lavender buds from stems and debris.  Did you know we have 1750 square feet of lavender drying during parts of the spring and summer.  Yes! that is a lot of lavender.

#7 Learning about lavender

If you make it here in the Spring or Summer you will get to see our family in action. We will either be harvesting, processing, cleaning, or distilling lavender. You will get to see a barn filled with rows and rows of lavender drying in our barn, a sight unique to B&B Family Farm and always a favorite of our visitors.  You may see our Jitter Bud lavender sorter in action “cleaning” our bud removing sticks and stems, or our de-budding machine that removes the bud from the dried lavender bunches. You may even learn a little about chemistry and why our distiller Zion insists on using copper to distill our lavender oil.  There are no trade secrets in our barn, we are an open book excited to share our passion.  

#8 Sequim – The Blue Hole

Did you know Sequim gets as much rainfall in the Spring/Summer time as Los Angeles does?  Crazy!   That is why Sequim is perfect for growing lavender! The only thing that really can kill lavender is too much water.  Lavender is fairly drought resistant, lavender does not attract deer or bugs, and there are few diseases that bother it.  Here at B&B you can often see why we live in what is called the “Blue Hole” you look up at our farm and look west and east and see clouds and possible rain, but here the Mountains shield us from the rain the pacific northwest is known for. Come enjoy the blue hole!

#9  We are close to other farms

We are close to quite a few other awesome farms.  Each farm experience is unique and we we hope you can visit all of the lavender farms here on the Olympic Peninsula. If your turn right from our farm and almost walking distance to our farm, is Martha Lane Lavender where Mike has the largest copper stills in town. After that head to Victor’s Lavender. Victor is Sequim’s expert on growing and propagating lavender, plus he is an awesome guy.  When you head back into the main portion of Sequim you can stop by our good friends at Lost Mountain Lavender where they grow more varieties of lavender than anyone on the peninsula!  When you head back to the highway from Lost Mountain be sure to stop by Nelson’s Duckpond where you will meet another fantastic multi generational farming family.  If you turn left when you leave our farm, you are about a mile or two away from The Lavender Connection where there are almost always distilling demos and another beautiful barn.

#10 The Lavender Of Course

Oh!  We almost forgot, you are here to see lavender!  Yes you will get to see lavender!  If you come after harvest you will get see lavender drying and hanging in our barn (which is quite a treat) but if you head our way in mid/late June to Mid/Late July you have an excellent chance of seeing at least a variety or two of the different lavenders on our farm.   We hope to see you here, come be a part of the family!