We are gearing up for 3000 new lavender plants arriving next week! Victor of Victor’s Lavender has been raising these little guys for us and they will be transferred to their new home very soon! We have prepared the soil, getting just the correct pH balance, and laid the ground cloth to keep those pesky weeds under control. We also have the irrigation system up and working! Next, we will be measuring and marking the plant locations on the ground cloth (in nice, neat organized rows) so we know where to burn the plastic. Once we’ve completed that, we will dig each and every one of those 3000 holes, adding a bit of magic along the way, to ensure these will be happy, productive plants. Given that each plant has a lifespan of approximately 15 years, we want to be sure that every step has been carefully contemplated and carried out. We are hoping that these new plants will help to meet the needs of our customers as we’ve been warned that we ‘never have enough’. We also have some mature plants that will be on their way out in the next couple years so our new arrivals will help offset those losses. Happy planting!

 Zion burning holes in the weed barrier for the new lavender.
Zion burning holes in the weed barrier for the new lavender.

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  1. Thanks. Very helpful. Our plants are set to arrive from Victors lavender end of May. Finished plowing raised beds and started to lay weed fabric.

    Question: is the hole burner a specialty tool or just a standard blow torch? Hope to start burning holes later in May.

  2. Hi, is that a 8” pipe coupon welded to a tiger torch head. Asking as next week I will need to do this . Thanks PD

  3. Hi Pete,

    Sorry for the late response. It is a weed torch with a 6″ metal plate attached to it which a local machine shop made for us. The key is to have the plate sit a couple inches away from the end of the torch to add enough oxygen to get adequate heat

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