In anticipation of our upcoming harvest, we decided to have a mini trial harvest. We thought we should try all the steps involved so that we had a better understanding before we have our full, experienced crew here working at the speed of light. With a few Betty’s Blue plants on the verge of flower explosion, we gave it a whirl. It was definitely a good learning experience for the whole family! And only one bandaid later, we had a few chains full of some beautiful bunches! And we also have a HUGE amount of respect and admiration for those folks who will be helping us in a few more weeks gather all of this beautiful lavender into our barn. 

In other farm news, we’ve trimmed our baby culinary plants who are thriving in their new home. We also picked our Rainier Cherries (and have enough to feed an army!) as well as tried out our first carrot from the garden! Lots of fun around here!

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