It’s tough to complain about a job that requires me to sit on my front porch, listening to the birds and the hay baler across the street while I type about our lavender farm adventures.

We spent the morning picking berries from our ginseng plants, hoping we’d have enough to make some money. Unfortunately, we were a bit late and most of them were laying on the ground. Lesson learned for next year.

We continue to fill Grosso orders for bud and bundles, and take care of our little baby plants (who are not so little any more!) We’ve had the opportunity to learn a bit about distilling lavender oil from a couple local distillers. We aren’t sure yet if it’s something we’d like to add to the farm, but we are exploring the option and are grateful for the shared knowledge!

We’ve also enjoyed having several visitors come to the farm. It’s been fun to share this new world that we live in. From the lavender and farm life to Olympic National Park and Victoria, there’s so much to love! Our most recent visitor was an unexpected ‘drop in’ from a local hot air balloon company. We were a bit worried that they were going to land on the roof, but they made a smooth landing between the lavender fields. They even gave us a little ‘tethered’ ride and some delicious Kettle Corn. What a treat!

Living on this farm has brought our attention to the fact that every day brings new experiences and opportunities to learn. We do our best to embrace them and improve our business, our relationships and our lives.


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