Just in case there was any doubt in your mind, Sequim bees are still capable of using their stingers in late October. They may be a bit slower these days, but if you grab them their sting is just as painful as it is during the height of summer. And don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that they are here, but SHEEESH I wish they wouldn’t hide in our lavender plants when we are trying to trim them! This is hopefully our last trimming session of the year for these happy little babies that we planted in the spring. It is the third for the angustifolias and a long overdue second cutting for the Grosso. We are attempting to dry the angustifolia, but we’re not sure it will work given the high humidity this time of year. The grosso will be taken to a nearby farm to distill it. Oil for us, and trial of a new still for the other farm… win win!

In other news, we had a very educational weekend at the Northwest Regional Lavender Conference in Portland. Zion and I spent 3 days soaking in all we could that has anything to do with lavender from aromatherapy, to opening a store, to propagating new plants… and all the stories and farms in between! Whew, it was intense! We were grateful for the opportunity and B & B will hopefully get to attend the next one. It definitely got our wheels turning and will be good inspiration as we continue to make plans for our family farm.

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