This time of year is tractor season. After they’ve been hibernating through the winter, its time to dust them off and get them oiled up. It looks as though we’re going to see an early spring so we’re getting the ground ready for about 1000 new lavender plants and trying to stay on top of the grass mowing. 
We love our tractors! My dad actually likes to say that we bought the tractors and they came with a lavender farm. He’s always wanted a tractor and for years the riding lawn mower was the closest he could get. And now we have 2 (plus a riding mower)! And with these tractors comes a roller coaster of emotion.  There is pure joy in taking the grandkids for a ride (or any kid for that matter) and in just mowing the fields on a beautiful, sunny Northwest day. 

There is also a feeling of accomplishment when the work gets done… mostly plowing, tilling and moving stuff.  Although we use them a lot around the farm, they don’t actually help harvest the lavender. (Maybe someday we’ll have a big fancy lavender harvester, but for now its a lot of lower-back).

Frustration! (tractor maintenance takes it to a whole new level). Thankfully, Bruce is quite handy and spends hours maintaining and continually fixing the tractors around here. Yet another great use for Youtube.  It seems like every time theres a job to be done, the tractor required for the job is broken!

I’m pleased to report that the mower seen above did indeed get put back together and can now be shifted into all gears, including reverse! So as we get ready for this next season, we are thankful for our tractors and our tractor crew! We have some new content on our website with more detailed information about our tractors under our Resources Link in case you’re interested. Stay tuned for a full account of the spring planting of our new little baby lavender plants!

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