As I mentioned previously, we’re quite busy around here these days. But I thought I’d share a little of our process with you because we’re pretty proud of it. Our farm is over 100 years old so not only does that make for some neat history, it has also left behind some really cool old stuff. You might remember several blogs ago, we posted some photos of an old shed that our insurance company required us to take down (even though there was no access to the inside and it wasn’t hurting anyone!).

 Well, we grudgingly obliged but salvaged as much of the wood and treasures from the inside as we could. And this old wood has come in handy as we’ve been remodeling the other old shed that will soon be The Shoppe. We’ve also salvaged wood from the floor of our trailer and random items from around the farm. The bases to our tables came from wrought iron canopy supports that were cut down and spray painted (again items that were here at the farm). It’s also been fun visiting garage sales and local estate sales in search of treasures. We’ve tried to use as much salvaged and used material as possible not only because it looks cool and its cheap to free, but also because it’s the right thing to do for our beautiful planet. It also helps stretch our creativity muscles! I have never been much of an antique fanatic or been into the rustic look, BUT I do believe that there are ways to incorporate old things into new, modern creations. And I’m all for reusing and recycling! Plus when you live on a 100 year-old farm, you can’t get too far away from that ‘rustic’ motif if you really want to be authentic. 

We’ve had a lot of fun creating our new Shoppe and the products to go in it! Some of the lavender products will include lotion, aftershave, chapstick, eye pillows and more that you’ll have to come see. We’re also really excited to be showcasing some beautiful work made by our friends and family. We call them ‘Makers’ and they’re busy making items that will be sold in The Shoppe…

from knitted hats (by Mulberry Sweet Knits)

 to Non-Paper Dolls (by Aunt Carol)

to stunning photography (by Northwest Treasured Memories)

And unique jewelry (by Forget Me Knots)

Plus more that I don’t have photos of yet. We are happy to be supporting their passion and talents and hope that it will provide a little something special when you visit B&B Family Farm Shoppe. 

We also have a very special quilt made by Aunt Terry, for which we will be selling raffle tickets. All the money raised from these raffle sales will be donated to our most amazing family member who has been battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

So if you haven’t made plans yet to come visit Sequim, Washington during lavender season, you best get it on your calendar! We can’t wait to share all this hard work and history with you in person! And the lavender too!

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