Winter brought us an unexpected amount of snow and days bundled up inside.  We want to share what he have been working on and hear what you do with your downtime from your garden activities in the Winter.

It has been cold! No, really it has been really cold.  In fact, one day I compared our temperature to “cold” areas around the world and we were colder than the arctic! (It was only one odd day, I am being dramatic) Since we moved to the Olympic Peninsula three years ago it has snowed once; this year we have had multiple snow days already.  And with this rare event comes other concerns, like not crashing our car when trying to buy groceries or take the kids swimming.  But you know who loves it… This girl!

You know who doesnt love it?  Chickens!

All of that aside we are thankful to have this time with our family to brainstorm new products, and find ways to further share our story this Spring and Summer.  We developed a new bug spray that was been mailed out to friends in more mosquito infested areas this fall, and it has been a huge hit!  It is all natural and deet free;  we already have it up in our shoppe.  We are also working on a new bar soap scent.  On top of those new products when the snow has thawed we have prepped another acre of land to plant approximately 3000 lavender plants this spring.  This will take us very close to 10,000 plants once we are complete.  Growth is exciting!  However, my back is already sore thinking about being hunched over planting our new baby lavenders.  

In addition to our farm focuses we have spent time in our own home checking boxes off of the proverbial “list.”  We have also made it a point to spend quality time with one another playing games, throwing snowballs, and snuggling.  We are grateful despite the cold toes in the morning.  

What are you doing this time of year?  Do you use this time to prepare or to relax?  To anticipate or reflect?  Are you looking forward to Spring?  Potato planting is right around the corner for the garden and I can’t wait!

About the Author:

Zion is our enthusiastic Master Gardener, he has attended many classes and workshops on sustainable farming.  Zion hails from southern California, and he brings a myriad of experiences from his past profession as an account executive in San Diego. When Zion and Kristy added Harper to their life, they wanted to get out of the city and live closer to family. When Bruce and Bonnie found the Angel lavender farm (now B&B Family Farm) for sale,  they asked Kristy and Zion if they would like to partner and be lavender farmers.  Kristy and Zion jumped in with both feet.

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