We have been busy.... Check out the New Website!

So, I checked and we are approaching 3 years since we last wrote a blog. Maybe this is a lost art form? However, my goal this year is to at least write one meaningful blog post a month. Preferably 2 posts. We have certainly wanted to share our life and our farm with all of you but our efforts have primarily been focused on social media for that aspect of our farm. Which I have to say Kristy does an amazing job. So here I am, Zion, hoping to sit down and keep any readers up to date on our farm and life adventures. As you will notice we have a brand new website! Boy that was fun! Building websites is not my area of expertise but we needed a new one that would talk to our inventory in our store. Previously the online system and the in store system did not talk to one another. That was hard for Kristy, she was recounting inventory and adjusting all of the time. Plus our new website gives us some more creative freedom! I hope you like what we cooked up!

So what has happened in 3 years?

Well, Bruce and Bonnie, the namesake of the B&B farm are working towards retiring again. While they still plan on being at the farm and helping occasionally, they will be doing what they do best, Grandparenting and vacationing. That means Kristy and I will have a lot more on our plates managing all aspects of the farm. This is what we planned for when we all migrated here over 6 years ago so we are finally excited to see these longer visioned puzzle pieces fall into place. Speaking of which B&B no longer live in an RV! Their house has been completed! When we all moved to Sequim it all happened so quickly that we had homes in other parts of the country that needed to sell before we could all comfortably settle down. That has now happened. B&B are in a house and while they are further that they were before, their distance still can be measured in Harper and Sawyer's steps from our porch to theirs.

The new home during construction this Summer.

How is the lavender?

The lavender is great. Wow in 3 years we have added thousands of plants. We now have 14,000 plants on our farm. Can you believe that? When we purchased this farm over 6 years ago there were only about 4,000. Man! We have been planting machines. We continue to grow and expand both our wholesale and retail sides of our business which requires lots and lots of lavender. However, we have become better farmers and more efficient. Despite our rapid growth our products and service are better than they ever have been. Each year we find new ways to tweak and refine our processes and recipes to really give our customers the best products and experiences possible. We very proud of what we produce.

Lavender Hanging to Dry
Lavender hanging to dry this past year.

Has it been 3 years of only work?

While we have certainly worked hard since our last post, we have also played hard. Our kids keep us busy but we have had plenty of opportunity to have fun. Harper is heavily involved in gymnastics and she medaled at her first two competitions! She has a lot on her plate with school, friends, and practice each week but overall she is balancing it all quite well. Sawyer is a powerful 4 and is enjoying preschool 3 days a week. Other than that he is busy playing UNO with his mom and dad, playing legos, and eating burritos. My kind of life!

What is next?

We have a lot coming up! We are working on a new how-to video for distilling which we are often receive requests. We are removing a few hundred old plants and replacing them with new plants this Spring. We are adding new hanging space to dry more lavender this year. We are making a second work area to create more products for our shop! AND... We are helping Bruce's brother and family / our aunt and uncle and cousins start their own lavender farm up the road from us. Exciting times! We plan to keep busy but we hope to keep you all in the loop as we continue to grow.

The Dungeness lighthouse at the Dungeness Spit. I finally walked there after the holidays!