My goal of one blog a month....

Before I begin our lavender weekend recap I have to admit my goal of one blog a month has definitely been missed!  But…. Boy have we been busy!  We are grateful for all our of customers support and our wonderful staff during these difficult times.  Coming into this year, once COVID started, we had no idea what this season would be like.  We are thrilled to say it has been our best season so far on our farm.  Our best season, while maintaining an outdoor shopping experience, wearing masks, and adequate social distancing.   We appreciate everyone’s understanding and willingness to wear a mask without being asked more than once.  Surprisingly, we only have had a couple of grumpy mask wearers!

Lavender Weekend.

I last updated our blog at the beginning of July as we prepped for Sequim’s famous lavender weekend.  While our lavender weekend recap acknowledges the downtown festival was cancelled, most of the farms were open with excellent social distancing, sanitization, and mask wearing in place.  Overall having the festival cancelled was helpful.  We were busy during the weekend, but our informative tours never had too many people and everyone was able to adequately social distance.   

Visitors Guide
Bruce Starting a Tour of our Farm

Masks Required

Masks are required on our farm unless, of course, you were out in our lavender fields and not near other families.   While we made sure all guests wore masks around our shop and barn, we know part of the appeal visiting our farm was a chance to roam mask free in our blooming lavender fields.  We had a lot of wonderful guests this season, and with my new telephoto lens I was able to sneak a few photos of them in action around the farm.  

A Family Cutting Lavender
Photo Opportunities
Lots of Lavender Love
Yoga? Not Sure?

More than a Festival

While our lavender festival weekend was certainly busy. We have been busy since June with daily visitors, harvesting, processing, and distilling our award winning essential oils. Here is a look at what else has been keeping us busy.

Lavender in Bloom!
Barn Full of Lavender Drying
Bruce Harvesting Fresh Lavender Bunches
Kate Cutting Over Ripe Lavender for Distillation

We Tried to Remember What is Important...

During harvest time we are often up and working around 7 getting ready for our daily visitors.  While this by itself is normal, what most people don’t know is that once we close at 5 our day is just beginning.  Most days from mid-June until mid-August we are working until 10 or 11 at night harvesting and hanging lavender in our barn.   These long days can lead to short tempers and exhaustion despite the fact we are surrounded by relaxing lavender.  So, we tried to still take the time to enjoy one another.  Below is our annual family photo.  


B&B Family Photo
B&B Family Photo