What are Lavender Sachets Good For?

1.What are lavender sachets good for and how can I use them?

Lavender sachets are good for sock drawers, under pillows, in cars, between couch cushions, or anywhere you want a pleasant lavender smell. Lavender Sachets are a great replacement for potpourris, air fresheners, and any chemically laden fragrance you would normally use.  Lavender at B&B Family Farm is grown without chemicals and is naturally hand-harvested and dried in our 100 year old barn.

What are lavender sachets good for?
lavender grosso bud

2. How long will the scent last?

Lavender sachets will last for years! Estimates range anywhere from 5 to 20 years.  However, you do need to give them a squeeze occasionally.  So if you bury your sachet in your sock drawer you may stop noticing the smell after a few days.  Also, the more you smell lavender the more your brain will become blind to its scent.  Also, since sachets are small and inexpensive be sure to use a couple of them in your drawers.   

3. Great Gifts!

Sachets are an inexpensive way to add a soft lavender scent to any gift.  Tie a sachet to the gift tag, place a sachet in a box.  Sachets are an easy way to add another sense to a gift experience.  

How long do lavender sachets last?
Grosso Lavender Bunch

4. Does lavender go bad?

The short answer is no.  Since the lavender is dried it will not mold or spoil.  Moreover, it will hold its scent for many years since the lavender essence comes from the oils in its buds.  However, it is important to not put lavender in moist areas.  Any humid or moist area could cause the lavender to rehydrate and then, with time, the lavender could spoil or mold.  

5. What type of lavender is used in sachets?

Most often lavandin lavender is used in sachets.  Lavandins come from the species Lavandula X Intermedia.  Sachets cant be made from Lavandula Angustifolia as well, but this species of lavender is more expensive.  Lavandin lavender is also stronger and more in line with the smell most people associate with as the smell of lavender.  

Grosso lavender fields

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