Green is More Than a Buzz Word

At our farm one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves is how to we make our products more sustainable.  We are certainly not perfect.  We use plastic bottles and lids for many of our products, but we are always looking for better ways.  Any chance we get we make changes to our packaging.  Our bags are made from recycled papers, last year we switched many of our bags of lavender bud to paper or a plastic material made from rice.  Kristy and I (Zion) take sustainability seriously because we care about our customers, our kids, and our planet.  At home we recycle and compost a large amount of what we use, we eat a vegan diet, and most importantly we teach our kids the importance of sustaining the only home we have, earth!  With that said we wanted to share some ways we have been working on our farm to improve our Earth home.

Harper Trimming Lavender Plants
Harper Trimming Lavender Plants

Shipping Orders

We typically ship a few orders a day to our wonderful customers.  Part of shipping orders is making sure they are packaged tightly so the contents arrive on unscathed.  Since we, and other businesses, often need materials from other sources we try to utilize  packaging from shipments we and other local businesses receive as much as possible.  One example of this is our good friend, Jess Goss, who owns An Herb and Love Story in neighboring Port Angeles.  Jess offers sustainable and healthy hair care and receives packages of hair care products very often at her salon.  Those products often come packed in biodegradable peanuts.  She gives us those peanuts for a second use which we use to pack up your orders.  If we need more packaging we use plastic air packs that we received in Amazon orders or other orders for products we need for our farm.  The few times we have had to purchase packaging from U-Line, we always purchase plant based biodegradable packing peanuts.

We Use Local Products

To further reduce our global footprint we purchase a great deal of our products locally when possible. For example, all of our candles are made specifically for our our farm with our unique lavender oil scent blend by our local candle make Full Moon Candle Co. Our jams come from a local producer who uses our laveder to flavor the creations specific to our farm. While almost all of our products are vegan the couple that are not contain bees wax from our local apiary Buddy of Sequim Bee Farm. Buddy also takes care of the hives of the bees on our farm and we sell his honey in our store and online.

Sequim Bee Farm
Courtesy of the Sequim Gazette

Goals for the Future

Perhaps our biggest goal is to find sustainable bottling for our lotions, aftershaves, and other products.  While the plastic bottling we use is recyclable, we know most plastic do not end up properly recycled.  Thus, we are continuously looking for better bottle and container options.  Since many of our guests purchase products to travel with them we also avoid using glass bottling.  While we debate this each year we are still looking and rice and other plant based plastics, but we have not found the right solution.  If you have any ideas please let us know.  WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING TO IMPROVE! 


We hope you are happy, healthy, and safe.  We hope to see you in the near future!