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What do I do with Lavender Essential oils?

Your burning lavender question answered!

Organic Vs Non-Organic, Does it really matter with lavender?

What variety of lavender is best ?  Here is information on the Lavender varieties we grow.

What variety of lavender essential oil is best ? This is information on the lavender varieties we distill

Where did lavender come from ?  Here is a brief history of lavender.

How to dry lavender ?  A guide to drying lavender for the home gardener.

How to use lavender essential oils ?  10 easy everyday uses for lavender essential oil

How to use Hydrosol?  Here are some  great uses for Hydrosol and how information on how we harvest hydrosol.

How do I distill lavender essential oil ?  A brief overview of the process we use to distill lavender essential oils.

How do I clean lavender bud?  How do I remove dirt and debris from lavender?